Complex Cases

Case 1

After visiting many cosmetic dental practices over a period of 20 years, this patient was led to believe that there were no treatment options available to improve his smile.

After carrying out periodontal treatment we were able to restore this patient's smile by fitting 14 crowns and 2 bridges. The treatment time was 18 months and was successfully completed in 2009. Note we discussed with the patient from the outset the visibility of crown margins (periodontal considerations). The photos show before, after and 6 yrs later.

Case 2

This patient was recommended to the practice having very little hope in achieving a better smile. After discussing many treatment options we were able to restore her smile using clear aligners and cosmetic composite restorations. The treatment time was 9 months.

Case 3

This patient was informed that the only option for her in order to achieve a satisfactory smile was extraction of her central incisor teeth and a combination of implant and orthodontic treatment. We carried out periodontal treatment and controlled tooth movements in order to close the gap without extracting any teeth. We completed this treatment in 2012. We would like to close the gap further, however she now resides in Florida, USA and only attends the practice every 9 months.

Case 4



This patient attended the practice for a routine examination and was led to believe that in order to close his gaps between his teeth he would require surgery. We successfully treated this patient and closed his gaps completely using controlled clear aligners in 3 stages. There was no need for surgery.